Meet Ashley Hudson

By Ashley Hudson Dec 20, 2011

What is your perfect day?
Coffee and reading – then a boat ride on the St. Croix River. There’s nothing like time on the river that helps me reset. 

What is one thing that has shaped you?
I was fortunate to grow up on a dairy farm, which taught me a ton about life and being proud of your work. As they say, you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl!  

What was your first job?
Believe it or not, I was a short order cook at the local golf course. I could make a mean burger and fries! 

Who was the biggest influence on your life?
 My mom – my outlook on life and my humor are both thanks to her. 

What inspires you to work?

Being part of a process where an idea is born and it comes to life in a real tangible way. 


Life Titles:
Project Manager, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Listener, Promoter, Explorer


1. One of my favorite places to retreat

2. My favorite mug

3. My roots 

 4. A gift from good friends for our new home – it’s actually our artwork of   our own front door! Priceless.


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