Bacardi: The Facundo Collection

Introducing the art of rum.

By Duffy & Partners May 28, 2014

Summit Brewing's New Packaging System

All-new packaging for new years (and beers) to come.

By Duffy & Partners Jan 8, 2014

Branding the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup

Making soccer history again.

By Duffy & Partners Jun 27, 2013

Mall of America Rebrand

What’s old is new again, never going out of style.

By Duffy & Partners May 15, 2013 Comments (1)

Booming Bloomington

Rebranding the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau

By Duffy & Partners May 3, 2013

Summit Brewing Company's Union Series

An all-new package design for an all-new series of craft beers.

By Duffy & Partners Apr 26, 2013

Fisher Price: The Joy of Learning

Designing a tool to make shopping easier.

By Valerie Seijas Mar 11, 2013

Summit Brewing Company Debuts New Logo

Rebranding the Summit Brewing Company

By Nancy Kullas Feb 21, 2013

Educate A Child

The hope for a better future begins with children.

By Valerie Seijas Nov 26, 2012

Process Journals—Brewery Ommegang

Designing the perfect balance.

By Duffy & Partners Nov 21, 2012

Brewery Ommegang

Our latest design offering comes by the case.

By Joseph Duffy Aug 30, 2012 Comments (2)

6 Beers, 2 Bottles of Wine, and a Fifth of Whiskey.

No, that’s not what I had for dinner last night … but it is what I’ve been focusing much of my attention on these past few months.

By Joe Duffy Aug 22, 2012 Comments (1)

New Case Study :: AmLactin

Specially formulated. Clinically proven.

By Valerie Seijas Jul 9, 2012

Hillshire Brands

Proud to Rebrand

By Nancy Kullas Jun 5, 2012

MOM Brands

By Ashley Hudson Feb 22, 2012

Design for Good: Nice Ride MN

An AIGA Design for Good Case Study

By Joseph Duffy Jan 13, 2012

Cause Branding

A natural extension

Green Bike Invasion is Here

Close to 2 years ago John Munger and Bill Dossett came to D&P to discuss an idea that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak had - bringing a bike share program to our city. At this point we were basically starting from scratch. Their direction was to make it happen, period.

By Joseph Duffy Jun 18, 2010

Innisfree: Preparing for Global Expansion

New expression for Asia's leading cosmetic brand poised for global expansion.

By Duffy & Partners Jan 29, 2010 Comments (1)


The only way to truly create an appropriate and effective brand is to do your homework. Whether you are building a brand from scratch or revitalizing an existing brand that needs to re-find its relevance in today's world. Immersing yourself in the brand's past, present and possible future is the most important first step.

By Joseph Duffy Oct 8, 2009 Comments (2)

For American Eagle Outfitters, Brand, Art And Culture Are One.

It has always been our philosophy that what we do at Duffy & Partners is about thoughtfully blending art with commerce. In the case of American Eagle, the work we’ve created for their new headquarters is as brand right as it is artful and even cultural for AEO employees and the citizens of Pittsburgh.

By Nancy Kullas Nov 9, 2007 Comments (1)

Thymes: A Makeover To Stay Ahead Of The Marketplace.

The fruitful efforts of a long-term partnership bore a refined name and identity as well as revitalized packaging for many existing products, as well as new products and packaging solutions.

By Nancy Kullas Mar 30, 2007 Comments (2)

A New Look for Fresca

To offer consumers a fresh alternative to Diet Coke, Coca-Cola chose to revitalize Fresca, a 39-year-old existing brand, rather than introduce a new one. The new Fresca design better captures a more modern and sophisticated expression of the brand.

Creating a Branded Experience: The Bahamas

The primary identity for The Islands Of The Bahamas presents a vibrant expression that reflects the multiplicity of destinations and personalities.

Myndology introduces new color infused product designs.

From notebooks to flashcards, index cards to journals, the Myndology identity encompasses products that are designed to inspire a sense of good thinking, creativity and organization.

Branding a Charitable Event: EDS Byron Nelson Championship

EDS turned to Duffy & Partners to create an identity and unique branded applications to reflect the humility and integrity of this once-in-a-lifetime partnership with Byron Nelson. It was an opportunity for us to pay tribute and keep alive the legacy of golf’s greatest hero.

Sony Gallery in Shanghai, China

We helped introduce Sony to China by creating a branded experience in the form of an interactive gallery. The environment educates and inspires Chinese consumers to learn more about Sony and its technologies, thereby creating desire for their products.

By Joe Duffy Nov 22, 2006 Comments (1)

Creating a Branded Experience: The Bahamas

The primary identity for The Islands of The Bahamas presents a vibrant expression that reflects the multiplicity of destinations and personalities.