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Simple. Standard. Economical. Conventional. Innovative? Absolutely. Myndology has reinvented the notebook in their Disc Bound line of organizational products. Disguised as everyday, standard spirals, these notebooks offer much more beyond the simple office staple.

Myndology's Disc Bound line, in addition to their Muse product line, grants the freedom to reorganize, rethink, and restructure your thoughts. The innovation within these notebooks lies in the binding, which allows you to remove pages, flip pages, and add pages. Use them for notes, journaling, sorting, or just doodling. Unlike your standard spiral, when you're out of pages but full of ideas, you can insert more pages where you need them. With refill packs in all sizes, Myndology helps you keep your mind free, clear, and open to ideas and possibilities.

It's no wonder Myndology's slogan is "good thinking." 


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  • I'm a muse fan and I have loved the artwork for the last album and all the slniges that you guys have done.Absolutely fantastic job I hope Bellamy et al paid you well! 

    Muhamad Jun 16, 2013 — 7:02 am

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