East Meets West

By Joseph Duffy Apr 3, 2007

There has always seemed to be a definitive line between eastern and western advertising and design. For all of time you could easily pick it out in a crowd.

When Joe Duffy first got involved in the One Club China Student Workshops seven years ago, this was mostly the case. He experienced first hand the very best creatives coming from all throughout China to celebrate the best in eastern advertising and design.

But the tides were turning. He came back that first year very impressed and stated that the next big thing in design could very well be coming from our neighbors out east.

Year after year, workshop after workshop, that line has been fading. The trend was changing from great eastern design to simply great design.

This past workshop was even miles above the years past and it has become clear that China is dead set on being a major player in the world wide advertising and design industry.

The Little Red Book:

What started out as simply creating a generic book highlighting creative from the workshop, has turned into a symbolic tribute to Chinese history. From a wonderful collaboration between a team from The One Club New York and China and Duffy & Partners, came a sacred little book highlighting another successful workshop and full of damn good design.

It is not too often you get to work on a project, much less a pro bono project, that you can get produced without making any sacrifices due to budget. . . And not to mention that it was entirely produced thousands of miles away and we were never really sure of what to expect until the finished product arrived in the mail several weeks later. . . It was perfect!

Working with the team in China to produce this book was one of the smoothest projects I've ever been involved in. Email, FTP sites, English to Mandarin translation, it really was a team effort. . . And last I checked my Mandarin wasn’t so good.

We are excited to unleash the little red books and corresponding collateral at the One Club New York gallery in New York later this month.

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