Duffy & Partners Brands the Future of Video for V.I.O.

V.I.O., founded in 2000, has rapidly become a trusted producer and leading innovator of point-of-view video technology. V.I.O.’s partnership with Duffy & Partners has resulted in an evolved company name, new brand identity, web site, collateral, trade show marketing materials, advertising and other branding and communications materials.

Duffy & Partners’ re-branding was designed to renew the company’s identity and attract a broader range of customers. Additionally, it will coincide with the launch of the next generation of integrated point-of-view camera systems in the spring of 2007. Duffy & Partners, understanding the marketing power and value of having a brand name synonymous with the product offered, recommended that the new brand identity include a new name. This recommendation resulted in the decision to change the company name from Viosport / Viotac to V.I.O., referring to video in & out, which is also representative of the company’s core focus on innovative video technology.

“V.I.O. is about to introduce a line of breakthrough new products and technology that will take the video category they have pioneered to an entirely new level. The performance of these new products will transform the market and V.I.O. needed a new brand identity that was able to communicate this news to the many different consumers it attracts, ranging from the adventure sports enthusiast to military personnel,” said Eric Block, principal and managing partner of Duffy & Partners. “Creating a new brand for V.I.O. was an opportunity to have the company and its products considered in a new light. The new V.I.O. brand touts the ingenuity, strength and usefulness of the products. V.I.O enables the unique cultural trend of capturing the world on video – the lens as a perspective on the world, no matter how demanding the conditions or high the expectations of the user”

Stated David Ollila, V.I.O. CEO. “V.I.O. creates rugged, innovative, intelligent products and now the company has a strong new brand identity to support it. The future is bright and we are ready to capture it all – on video.”

As Duffy & Partners designed the updated V.I.O. web site they created an interactive portal where V.I.O. product users can upload video and share it with others. Thus, creating an online community centered on the brand. The new interactive web site effectively linked the two essential demands of users – versatile high quality video cameras with the ability to easily transmit video anywhere in world.

 “We are excited about the growth potential that the new V.I.O. brand creates for the company and look forward to continuing our partnership with V.I.O. as they further develop their brand recognition,” said Joe Duffy, chairman of Duffy & Partners. There will be an ever increasing demand in the marketplace for the products V.I.O. is pioneering and V.I.O. is going to be on the leading edge of the video technology sector by delivering a rugged, serious and durable point-of-view video product. We wanted to create the highest quality identity that truly integrates the many unique qualities of the company and we feel this new brand has accomplished that goal.”

The new V.I.O. brand identity is being launched with a new logo featuring a customized version of the camera lens as a human eye, new business collateral and a new web site.


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  • as an end user and consumer of these type of products I found the branding exceptional. I haven't yet made a purchase decision but the brand is helping. I like the pov voice site/blog...makes me think that the messaging is up to date - I'm not looking at yesterdays technology.  

    Colin Aug 18, 2009 — 2:06 am

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    Havva Jun 15, 2013 — 10:31 pm

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