When Less is More.

There could be no more important mission than that of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Founded in 1982 by Nancy Brinker as a promise to her sister Susan Komen, who died from this disease at the early age of 33, the Komen Foundation was the pioneer in creating a national movement to end this terrible disease.

Attracting some of the world’s most respected companies as corporate sponsors, the Komen Foundation had become the leader in underwriting key grants for research and eradication efforts. The “Race for the Cure” became a signature event, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for breast cancer research, education and treatment. However, only 7% of Americans were aware of the Foundation on an un-aided basis. Komen’s ability to grow was being hampered and their most successful event, The Race for the Cure was, at times, being attributed to the American Cancer Society or others in the world of cancer.

Since 1982, the organization has grown significantly. With that growth came a proliferation of unique ways to express the Komen brand which had begun to saddle the organization with a fragmented identity. Imagine over 120 affiliates choosing to brand their chapters with unique icons, colors and imagery. The Komen brand was becoming a compilation of logos and web pages that no longer added up to singular expression and this fragmentation was beginning to erode the organization's national leadership status.

Success had also attracted imitators who exploited the category's powerful symbols of the ribbon and the color pink. The public was feeling confused and overwhelm amidst world of "pinkwashing."

With an outdated identity and a long list of “For The Cure” race and programs seeking stronger linkage, the Komen Foundation came to Duffy & Partners to rejuvenate and re-inspire their brand to increase public awareness and organizational cohesion. Komen told us that they wanted to be a change agent, heading into their 25th anniversary with a culturally iconic expression that communicated human strength, hope and energy.

The situation called for a graceful solution that would combine their biggest assets. The promise found in the legacy of the foundation. And hope as represented by those who participate in the Race For The Cure and many other For The Cure programs. Through collaboration and exploration, together we created a simple and vibrant foundation for the future.


1) Old. New.

2) Old identity system 

3) Work in progress

4) Brand book

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