6 Beers, 2 Bottles of Wine, and a Fifth of Whiskey.

By Joe Duffy Aug 22, 2012

I say it too often but it seems most appropriate here, “I come from a long line of Irish 
saloon keepers.” 

I vividly remember my father taking me down to Duffy’s bar on Sunday mornings, when I wasn’t tall enough to reach the top of a barstool. I can still smell the stale beer, spilled drinks and lingering cigarette smoke from Saturday night’s revelry … and I have to admit, I’ve spent plenty of nights since then in similar environs. I guess it’s in my Gaelic blood.

I’m thankful however, that I did grant my mother’s dying wish—to never venture into my father’s field of endeavor. Through the years, it became obvious to me why she felt this way. I guess the good news is that I’ve figured out a way to live out those fond father/son memories in a somewhat vicarious way—I love to design “spirits.” Not those of my forefathers, but rather the kind of brands they displayed and served from behind their various bars.

We're now proud to unveil the latest that our team has passionately created in partnership with some wonderful clients: Brewery Ommegang, Grassini Family Vineyards, and Cooper Spirits (Slow & Low). They’re the most recent in a long line of spirits brands that we’ve helped develop or revitalize over the past 28 years, and they definitely won’t be the last.

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  • You write so honestly about this. Thanks for sharing! 

    Terry Sep 29, 2012 — 1:47 am

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