Meet Shari Southwick

By Shari Southwick May 24, 2012

Outside of work, how do you express your creativity?
In the placement of things and colors I choose at home, mostly. Also with photography, crafting animal totem art, and face painting.

How do you deal with procrastination?
You mean my son? I shake my head in wonder. 

What is your perfect day?
A couple kinds of perfect: I’m with family and friends in the fresh air with food or I’m on the couch snuggling with my dogs, my to-do list is complete and the voices of my kids sound happy. 

Favorite color?
Blue, green or orange, depending on the day.

Currently watching...
Modern Family. American Idol. The Bachelor (I know. I’m sorry to say.)


 Life Titles:
Mother, Wife, Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Friend, Confidante, Animal Lover, Artist, Studio Coordinator


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