The Wit and Wisdom of the Ages

By Missy Wilson Jan 10, 2012

In a time of lunacy—social and political unrest, environmental disaster and general turmoil—I could not help but look to “wisdom” as a source of inspiration for this year’s holiday gift. Let 2012 be filled with clarity, nobility and a healthy helping of humor.

These three wise men were pulled out of the tradition of Bethlehem, fitted with skate skis (an homage to our Mr. Duffy’s favorite sport) and placed in a more familiar landscape—the North Woods of Minnesota.

I loved creating an artful image on an uncommon, if not unfamiliar surface. The use of felt was inspired by Joseph Beuys’ Filzpostkarte, replicating a similar surface, gauge and color—and silkscreened to boot. The industrial material is held together with a simple whipstitch, a whimsical memory from my childhood and a bookbinding technique I learned in school. Each hand-sewn piece is intended to be both artful and useful.

Our tradition began 27 years ago with an idea and a bottle of wine. Each year since, the designers who have been invited to design the Duffy holiday message know it’s a reward for doing great work year round. My first Duffy bottle was created in 1998; line figures bringing to life a chorus in a snowy panorama. I guess you could say I’m enamored with our powdery landscape and it’s a shared theme within this year’s cozy—hopefully a welcome addition to our wine holiday tradition.


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  • When you think about it, that's got to be the right asnewr. 

    Buffy Jan 15, 2012 — 10:15 pm

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