The Glamours of Business Travel

An early start. Wall to wall meetings until midday. A quick run to my son's school to teach an art class. Back to the office to pick up my materials and off to the airport for a 5:15pm flight.

Delayed an hour and a half due to ground traffic control at La Guardia. 10 minutes later, the delay is shortened to one hour.

Touchdown in dark, drizzly New York and head to the taxi queue. There are at least one hundred people in front of me. The wait is about 30 minutes. The air is brisk and damp.

I arrive at my hotel. It's late. I haven't had dinner. I check in to find out the hotel is overbooked. "Mrs. Davidson, I'm sorry. We only have one room left. It's a small smoking room."

I respond that I'm sorry, but am not up for a smoking room. I'll have to find another hotel.

"No," says the gentleman at the desk, "Really, we'd like you to stay with us, I have one other room..."


My stay was short unfortunately, but spectacular. (He was kidding me about the small smoking room.)

The continental breakfast was great as well.

Thanks Morgans, for adding a splash of glamour back into business travel, if only for a moment.