Meet Carly Wright

By Duffy & Partners Nov 2, 2011

Which projects/results are you most proud of?
I felt especially accomplished upon completing my thesis work at the College of Visual Arts. Generally, I am proud of the work that creatively (and successfully) solves a client's problem or challenge.

How do you deal with procrastination?
I always know I am procrastinating if I start to floss or reorganize my closet. Usually it helps me to get everything ready to start working if I am really having trouble. By the time you get everything “ready” it just seems natural to start working. If that doesn't work I go for a run or something to clear my head and return with fresh eyes.

Do you already have a concept of the final image/product when you start a project?
Sometimes, but things seem to evolve so much in the creative process that my initial thoughts are realized differently than I expected. I love collaborating and brainstorming with others to expand my horizons.

Are there any companies you would particularly like to design for?
I would love to design for Starbucks - especially after working there for several years (not to mention my love of coffee). 

What do you listen to when you design?
Depends on my mood. Right now, I am listening to Polica, Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver remixes, and James Vincert McMorrow.

Life Titles:
Designer, Artist, Crafter, Sister, Friend

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