Embracing Variation

By Valerie Seijas Oct 18, 2011

Artists are the markers of time. They are catalysts of culture, soaking it in and reflecting it all back through their intrinsic ways. As such, their ability to evolve and create is a much revered gift. 

Gerhard Richter is a man of many mediums, never settling on one style or falling subject to the hype of artistic trends. He is an acclaimed painter whose history and greatest strengths lie in the variety of his work—abstract paintings, overpainted photographs, drawings, the Atlas collection, watercolor paintings, and even stained glass windows.

The new film Gerhard Richter Painting by Corinna Belz celebrates the art of seeing. It offers a rare glimpse into the mind of an artist, where dialogue takes a back seat to image. This quiet documentary shows not only the creation of art, but the intellectual process behind each sweeping brushstroke. 

There are few greater parallels to art than design—especially when it comes to change. Embrace it.  


What others think:

  • Hahaha! Incredible! It's great that you don't hesitate brgniing everything back to the begining...black was great, but overwhelming for sure... Thanks for the lesson! :)Btw, I was introduced a while ago to painting layers (it seems every wall supports a maximum paint layers, any insights?) 

    Ulisses Oct 4, 2013 — 6:38 pm

  • Ygeia, kavla ki epanastasi. (Kai paumirthaa, kai luna park, kai fotografies apo ilious kai cult tainies. Kai voltes kai filous kai plats-plouts stin thalassa.)Se agapamexxxsan-viv 

    Aline Oct 6, 2013 — 1:12 am

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