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By Missy Wilson Jun 8, 2011

As a rule, we try to cluster as a team to discuss cultural events and trends. Call it insight for design. Call it finger on the pulse. Call it time for summer fun. Call it all of the above.

With June marking the onset of summer in Minnesota, we determined we were in need of an outing. What better than a Pedal Pub adventure through the streets of Minneapolis' Northeast district? With hi-brow and low-brow food and dining options, a vibrant creative street scene and a revitalized take on shopping, there's so much to see and do Nordeast!

1. A new way to "frame" Northeast Minneapolis as the creative urban enclave it is fast becoming?

2. Team on Pedal Pub. (Two countertop sides. A galley bar in the middle and a 3 seater bench in back for the non-pedaling participants.)

3. A recent lesson from client Ommegang Brewery was about delivering the perfect pour. Joseph didn't quite master it today.

4. The Pedal Pub and Nice Ride Minnesota. 2 contributions to the fact that Minneapolis is one of the nation's best biking cities!

5. Our tour included quick stop at the newly relocated and fabulous Psycho Suzi's, along the beautiful banks of the Mississippi National River and Recreational Area—our own urban national park.

6.  Passing an historic Northeast landmark—the old Grain Belt Brewery, the beer of kings!

7. Everything was open this beautiful afternoon!

8. Rally signs in the hood.

9. A happy team after an afternoon of unique exercise and fun.

10. Thanks for the inspiration Northeast!


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  • AFAICT you've coveerd all the bases with this answer! 

    Makalah Nov 1, 2011 — 9:13 am

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