China Post #7 – And the Beijing Winners Are…

By Joe Duffy Dec 7, 2006

Once again, it was an amazing stay in Beijing. The city, as always, is framed in imposing heritage and tradition but now includes surprises that are being put in place for the millions who will visit here in some 600+ days. Word is that all construction will (must) be completed 365 days prior to the opening ceremonies and one full year will be spent cleaning the air and scrubbing the entire city to a porcelain shine. Should be quite a show.

The winning work in the One Show China Student and Young Professional competition here was no different. Much of it gave a nod to the heritage of this complex country, yet had it’s vision firmly fixed on what's to come.

I’ve said it before here but it bears repeating, these kids have more energy and enthusiasm for this business than any I’ve come across in all of my travel. They also quite simply work a lot harder. They will be a force to be reckoned with and their influence on what is done creatively will be felt throughout the world.

One reader of my last post wasn’t clear on whether I was soliciting sponsorship for The One Club’s effort here in China or suggesting that more global companies should hire the talented young people coming out of this program. It’s the former, though i certainly also support the latter.

I, for one, would really love to see the One Show China grow in it’s strength and influence for all kinds of reasons and that will take more sponsorship money. Those of us interested in promoting the cultural cross-pollination of creativity, will surely benefit from it but I have to believe that global brands interested in being associated with this influential young audience, that will help shape the culture here, would benefit most of all.

Here are ten of the Beijing top medal winners. Now, it’s on to Shanghai.


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