Recently back from Seoul

We've had the good fortune to work with a number of companies in South Korea over the past several years. I just made my first trip and was struck—as I often am when traveling to new cities—by some of the "contrasts" I saw. Differences from my familiar everyday surroundings. Juxtapositions.

1. This first image is a close of up a tree festooned with holiday lights. The city was decked out, with light shows like I've never seen before. 

2. As I first drew the curtains of my window at the Westin Chosun, I was struck by the rosey glow of this view at sunrise.  Skyscrapers, scaffold wrapped new construction, billboard signs reading "It's possible" and "Think next"—surrounded by mountains so close, it almost feels you can touch them.

3. A glance down from the same spot reveals Korea's Temple of Heaven.

As in any large city there is a variety of architectural styles. Following are a few snaps of some of Seoul's diversity.

4. The Galleria, located in Seoul's Gangnam district, encased scale-like discs that shimmer of opalescent metallics in the sunlight.

5. An unsuspecting, traditional brick Georgian style building.

6. A lovely, contemporary botanical take on green architecture.

I was particularly struck by the many bridges of the city. 

7. One of the bridges of Seoul.

Forgive the quality of these photos - most were shot from moving vehicles or through windows. It was a fast trip. But one that made a most positive impression. The people we met were bright, gracious and interesting. The opportunities in Korea were even more evident in person.

I hope to be back soon.


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