A Break from Design in the North Woods

By Joseph Duffy Dec 8, 2010

We made our annual pilgrimage to northern Wisconsin for our company retreat a couple weeks ago. The decision was made to focus on relaxing and unwinding. With client work buzzing at full steam back in the city, we were definitely in need of some R&R.

In years past we've worked as small teams to research industry and client related issues and trends, presenting and discussing as a group throughout the 2 day event. This year, we decided to take a different approach and work on a group art project that we could hang in our space.

Ken, one of our senior designers, came up with the idea of creating a mural, based on trees and growth. With the help of Alan and Missy, materials were purchased, prepped and a more specific design plan was established. The goal was to start with something that would hang together as a consistent piece of art but also allow each artist to interpret their individual panel as they saw fit.

Mandatory involvement from the entire staff was enforced, even though some were hesitant. The hardest part ended up being knowing when to set down the paint brushes and feel confident that you were done.

The end result is simply amazing. 

Check out some of the images of our project here and take a few minutes to witness our efforts in process on flickr. (Thanks for putting this piece together Liz.) 



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