China Post #6 - A One Show China Grad

By Joe Duffy Dec 6, 2006

He was far and away the best student in my Beijing workshop in 2003 and now his work just keeps getting better. Wang Yuwei, or WZL as he refers to himself, is a young designer working his way up in the emerging Beijing design scene.

When WZL graduated, just a few short years ago, his innovative work was about as welcome in China as graffiti on The Great Wall. A lot has changed in that short time.

As global brands clamor for the Chinese audiences attention, local marketing directors are realizing that innovative creativity is the missing ingredient. Young creative pioneers like WZL are in the right place at the right time. Those that stick to their guns and refuse to compromise the integrity of their work will make a difference in the culture as well as in their careers. Wang's currently doing some great design for Nike, HP and many Chinese brands.

Kudos to The One Club for helping to make this happen and staying with the program for the last 6 tough years despite limited sponsorship.

Surely there must be some more potential patron companies out there who would like to hitch their Chinese star to the rising tide of creativity in The People’s Republic of China? Hello…

Contact Mary Warlick or Kevin Swanepoel at for more information. They approved this message.

And, check out “the WZL’s” work attached to see what a lot of natural talent mixed with a little inspiration can do.

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