Disconnecting is good for the soul

For more than 2 weeks, my husband and I traveled in Europe, mostly by motorcycle, without the modern conveniences (annoyances) of constantly being connected by cell phone, email, IMs, facebook ....... it was alpine heaven.

We fed our love of traveling, motorcycling, photography, dining out, and generally spending quality time together without the distractions that everyday life offers. At first it was hard for me to mentally disconnect from my work - I wondered about this and that, wondered if I should check-in to see how things were going - but quickly learned that things continued to move forward seamlessly in my absence. I allowed myself to disconnect, and by the end of my vacation, I felt refreshed.

Disconnecting from family and friends was more difficult, as I found myself finally having the time to think and reflect on these relationships, and wishing that I had more freetime in my everyday life to give these relationships the kind of time and attention that they deserve. Sometimes it takes a new kind of perspective to see what is so obvious. I returned to my routine, renewed with the desire not to get caught up in the day-to-day that I lose the big picture that life has to offer.


Here are a few pictures from our trip - my secret passion is photography. The amazing views in the alps are breathtaking and awe-inspiring and feed my soul with fresh air, perspective, and hope.

1: somewhere in austria

2: Furka Pass in Switzerland

3: Furka Pass - what a great road!

4: Painted Bears are all over - Andermatt's coat of arms

5: Dam and lake - gorgeous scenery everywhere

6: Cows grazing freely with their bells on

7: Oldest (and most famous) wooden covered bridge in Luzern, Switzerland

8: Last night's snow at the top of the Stelvio Pass is quickly melting.

9: Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall, prior to the opening of Oktoberfest (hence the empty benches)

10: BMW World & Museum - an amazing place, a must-see for Munich visitors.

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