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I am still amazed at how many people don't wear their seatbelts, and I can't figure out why they don't. Is it because they feel that the government has no right to force them and they want to make a statement? Is it because they don't care about their life or the lives of their friends & family? Do they simply believe that whatever happens, happens, and they have no control of the outcome? Or are they just not thinking about their future?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this - do you always wear your seatbelt? Sometimes? Never? What is your story?


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  • I wear my seatbelt nearly all the time. It's mostly a habit. Sometimes i catch myself taking off without buckling up because it's an extra step. Then I think: "really? I'm not going to take two extra seconds to help protect myself before i start driving?" Avery 

    Avery Sauer Aug 23, 2010 — 1:28 pm

  • I wouldn't put that much thought into the reasoning. If anything, I think people just DON'T think about it. And if they did, they most likely would. Chalk it up to carelessness... I am an avid wearer. 

    Melissa Gavin Nov 10, 2010 — 10:20 am

  • It's a habit for me. I don't generally think, "okay, have to put my seat belt on to be safe." I just do it. I was taught to do it and it comes naturally. If someone starts driving away and I don't have it on, I feel naked without it. 

    Kayla Shapka Feb 15, 2011 — 9:49 am

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