Playing in the Mud

By Joe Duffy Jul 20, 2010

It’s refreshing to turn off the computers and think a lot less about what we’re about to create and simply haul off and stick your hands in the mud and discover what begins to take shape. Then you just go where it takes you, or at least that’s how I approach it. I always start by looking at imagery, this time out it was more classic Northwestern Indian totems that I found online but that’s just a starting point, where it goes from there is pretty much anyone’s guess.

It’s always amazing to me how fast the time flies when we do this. There’s the camaraderie, the music, the beers and the laughter at each others progress, or lack thereof. The only way we can tell what time it is, is by the hunger pangs when it comes time to take a break and make a group meal on the BBQ.

Leading our creative output again at this session of art camp were our good friends and expert ceramic artists/teachers, Nancy and Ron Gallas. It just wouldn’t be the same without them, art-wise or party-wise.


Here are the latest fruits of our labors. Can’t wait to fire, glaze and install on the grounds.


1. Original Totem - 2004

2. 2004 Artists

3. Group Working on Totem #3 - July 2010.

4. Chris, his owl and his beer.

5. Base glaze application to Totem #2.

6. How many artists does it take to glaze a Totem Pole?

7. Our fearless leader - final glaze application to Totem #2.

8. Totem #3 drying.

9. Totem #3 drying.



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