Super Bowl Madness

It is estimated that 93.2 million people watched the Super Bowl last year. How many of you tuned in this year? According to Nielsen Media, last nights Super Bowl was the most watched television program in history with 106.5 million viewers. The previous record was held by the series finale of MASH. If you watched, was it for your love of the game, or to see the much talked about ads?

I'm personally not a football fan (hockey is my thing), but every year I go to a Super Bowl party. Do I count as someone who watched? Maybe, but truly I go for the social aspect of it—friends, food, conversation and to watch the ads.

If you didn't see all of the ads, check them out at I had my favorites—what are yours?


What others think:

  • The 'Betty White' ad for snickers was great! Way to throw and old lady in the mud, yikes!  

    Chelsea Feb 10, 2010 — 12:18 pm

  • The World Cup finals, and even the UEFA Champions League Finals, eclipse the Superbowl in total viewers consistently. You need to add 'American' above... 

    Doug Bartow Feb 11, 2010 — 3:43 pm

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