21 Years of Holiday Cheer

By Joe Duffy Dec 5, 2006

A Duffy tradition was born over twenty years ago, over a couple of glasses of wine. It came from a place of good cheer. The idea was to share festive spirits for the holidays with clients, friends and families. The first design featured Mr. Claus himself. We printed 2 cases with a beautifully silk-screened label—a novelty at that time.

Since the first mailing in 1984, the tradition has continued. Each year the honor to create our holiday message is bestowed upon a new designer. Each style and message is unique: some witty, some traditional holiday cheer, some delivering broad cultural commentary. And though our designs have evolved over the years, our love of wine, our desire to share holiday spirit with those we love and our commitment to the beauty of our craft remains steadfast and focused.

We like to think that our wine bottles, like good wines, age with beauty and intrigue.

View some of the bottles designed by Duffy designers. The 2006-2007 bottle will be unveiled soon, with a posting on this site by this year's designer, Brad Surcey.


Previous Year's Bottles (see images):

1. Banner collage of bottles

2. 2005-2006 by Joseph Duffy, IV

3. 2004-2005 by Ken Sakurai

4. 2000-2001 by Dan Olson

5. 1996-1997 by Alan Leusink

6. 1988-1989 by Joe Duffy 

For more information on any of these designers, please visit the PEOPLE page of this site.

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