Innisfree: Preparing for Global Expansion

By Duffy & Partners Jan 29, 2010

The Innisfree brand was launched in 2000, as South Korea’s first natural cosmetics brand and sold exclusively in 200+ Innisfree retail stores throughout the country. Over the course of several years, the brand presentation evolved and had become fragmented. With eyes toward global expansion, Innisfree was looking for help in designing an identity system that would reflect the simple beauty of its natural offering.

Duffy's challenge was to develop a fresh brand expression to engage interest and enhance shopability.

The client team had just completed the design of a new logo. It was our charge to take the mark and build meaning for the brand through the development of a brand language that would celebrate its position of the “simple nourishing beauty of nature.”

Explorations lead to a nature inspired color palette for packaging materials and graphics, which would be used to help differentiate platforms by audience and usage. A simple and bold illustration style was designed to strengthen shelf presence and reinforce key ingredient stories.

New designs propelled a dual launch – including a fresh look for the entire brand portfolio, as well as the introduction of the new Magic Floral line.

The Magic Floral launch quickly became Innisfree’s top-selling collection of all time as measured in both sales volume and revenue. Magic Floral performance was 30% higher than all other new products launched by Innisfree in 2009.


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