NEW MATH: Arithmetic for the right-brain

Let me introduce the smart, witty artwork of American artist Craig Damrauer. New Math is a collection of life observations visually broken down into clever arithmetic equations. The simple little formulas offer a unique and humorous insight into the way Mr. Damrauer perceives information. Perfect for those inclined to the right-brain of thought.

This past Christmas I was given an original deck of these beautiful little cards by Missy Wilson Bierbrauer. She explained to me that Craig is a friend of hers (a Duffy alumna as well). Years ago she held a gallery show of his work at her shop in New York where she designed, and sold the first few sets of these mathematical truisms.

Craig is currently a writer living in New York. His New Math equations were edited in 2009 by Ed Ruscha and published as a 12 plate postcard series in an edition of 450. I encourage you to browse through New Math on line and find your favorite equation.
* Apparently he’s open to suggestions.

I’ve already decided on mine.




What others think:

  • I saw these at the Museum of Modern Art! I love them!!!  

    Patricio Jan 22, 2010 — 12:42 pm

  • Thanks for the great link! 

    Bobcat Feb 3, 2010 — 4:17 pm

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