By Missy Wilson Aug 4, 2009

This year, Creative Electric re-christened their  Mississippi River houseboat, the SS INFINITE REGRESS, complete with an experiential installation and other sensory events.

By definition, INFINITE REGRESS is "an attempt to solve a problem which re-introduced the same problem in the proposed solution. If one continues along the same lines, the initial problem will recur infinitely and will never be solved. Not all regresses, however, are vicious."

Floating piers were strung together on the Mississippi River, and hosted a bar, live music and film. Inside the SS Infinite Regress was a mind-bending installation: vintage films projected and reflected through a series of glass mirrors onto sterile white lab suits of the participants. Psychedelic lighting, ambient music, and human interaction topped off this "happening".



2. SSIR DESIGN BOARD: An inspiration collage comprised of nautical shorthand, bold type and simple, but cautionary color. The vernacular of floating things. 

3. THE FINAL POSTER: The grid-like components speak to multiple dimensions and systems, much like the reflective installation housed inside the SS Infinite Regress.  The graphic language becomes a riddle in itself.

4. THE FINAL MURAL: The boat mural fashioned together with reflective spray paint, home-made stencils and industrial aluminum tape.

5. THE ROOF MURAL: Meant to be seen from the banks of the river.

6. INTERIOR GRAPHIC: Layered information on mirrors inside the boat entry.

7. ART-WHIRL-EVENING: The installation filmed live and projected onto a screen with local band Knife World gearing up to play on the roof of the boat. It was a crazy, windy night and the drummer's symbol tumbled into the river during the set.

8. SAFETY SUITS: All participants who entered were required to wear a sterile lab suit. Pets and small children were occasionally exempt.

9. INSIDE THE SS INFINATE REGRESS: Folks hunkered down for the night

10. MORE INSTALLATION: "Where am I?" Fun.

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