We Want Your POV!

By Bridget Duffy May 29, 2009

We've recently added a comment section to the Duffy & Partners POV site making it a bit more "bloglike" and interactive.  We'd love to hear your voice and get your POV. Let's hear what you have to say...

What others think:

  • Nice. What is the thing on the top right of the talk bubbles image? Kind of looks like a saw blade. That or a state. 

    Allan Peters Jun 1, 2009 — 1:53 pm

  • Could it be Tennesaw? 

    chris Jun 16, 2009 — 5:24 pm

  • Tennesee with a border struggle with Kentucky 

    dash Jun 23, 2009 — 8:01 pm

  • I'm about to have a Carnation Instant Breakfast.  

    engine7design Jul 16, 2009 — 5:43 am

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