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Knitting is something I started doing only a year ago, but it has quickly become a preferred creative outlet for me in my life outside of work. I originally learned to knit as a way to give gifts that didn’t make such a dent in my wallet. But after tackling my first big project I found that it was a craft that not only helped out financially, but also helped out mentally. I discovered knitting requires problem solving and planning. It is always challenging and full of obstacles and setbacks, but in the end it is something that is fun to do that gets accomplished with very satisfying results. Even when I am watching TV I feel like I am being productive with my time and still thinking creatively and stimulating the artistic side of my mind. And the best part is giving gifts that were born from such a process, things that were created with my own two hands and made with love.

1. In progress

2. Gifted

3. Transformers washcloths

4. Pirate panda

5. My first lace

6. Scarf

7. Neckwarmers

8. Baby bonnet and thumbless mitts

9. Baby sweater and cabled hat

10. Buttons


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  • Cara, I just looked up the Piggle hat you're takling about and it looks awesome! I bet it stays on well too. I'd ask to see the acorn hat but I guess you can't post that on your blog until after Christmas. Deanna,Are you going to make the unicorn costume? It sounds like quite the challenge. And you've got to post it to your blog so we can all see.I'm going to save the blanket for a Christmas gift. If I don't start making gifts early, I know I'll run out of time and have to buy something. 

    Dalma Jul 25, 2014 — 7:35 am

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