Creativity Comes In Even The Smallest of Packages

One can find inspirational art in even the smallest of packages. My daughter Erma turns five-years-old today. She is a very bright and funny little girl with lots of personality. One of the things she loves to do is draw. She is constantly drawing pictures for me. The amazing thing about these pictures is that she always has a whole story that goes along with what she drew. “Mommy, this is you and me on a picnic at the park when along came some bunnies and ate some sandwiches with us.” Or “this is a picture of our entire family riding around in a Monster truck.” She has even created some of her own little characters that appear in multiple drawings. Her imagination is endless, and so very vivid. As I watch all of these pictures and drawings come flowing out of these small hands I am truly inspired, and to me her drawings are true works of art.

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