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My husband and I have this on-going design project that we call home. We bought our house four years ago and initiated a remodel of a 1920's bungalow. My husband is an architect and builder, so together we've had the opportunity to design and create a space that not only fits our lifestyle, but also serves as a testing ground for materials experiments, energy efficient building methods, and budget-wise design solutions. Our friends and family often ask us if we're done with the house yet. What I usually tell them is this: "We're both designers. It will never really be done." As we are constantly growing and changing, our home does the same.


1. Exterior details

2. Exterior: before and after

3-6. Demo and remodel process

7-10. Interior: current state


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  • I couldn't agree more. The spitlmciiy of black/tan/white contrast has always been a good test bed for design. I've always argued that good architecture and interiors can stand alone completely void of color. Likewise, there's no amount of color that can be added to bad design that will make it look better.I adore your taste and spitlmciiy. Cheers 

    Georgiana Aug 25, 2012 — 4:00 am

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