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By Ken Sakurai Feb 25, 2009

A love for maps and my research for an art poster I was designing, pointed me to a website, David Rumsey Map Collection. This is an extensive collection of maps (18th and 19th century) from around the world plus other cartographic materials. As I was browsing, some of the charts and graphs of the U.S. Census document caught my eye. I've added several images on this post that I found (some cropped to show details). Visualizing information is what we graphic designers do every day. Visualizing data in charts and graphs is perhaps the most common way of delivering information but there is nothing common about these incredible and beautiful pieces of art. The colors, as they have aged with the paper, look so amazing and inspiring as well. Check them out for yourself, the links are on the right.


What others think:

  • These are amazing—love the example above with the colorful, vertical-bar charts. So many ways to do charts and graphs...this one's so dead simple and beautiful, the colors really MAKE it. Also love image 8 and 9. Great find, thanks a lot for sharing! 

    Jen R Aug 2, 2011 — 8:44 pm

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