Pie in the sky… or air pollution?

By Joe Duffy Feb 23, 2009

 I had the good fortune of leaving the frozen tundra a few weeks back and traveled to sunny San Diego to address the local creative community and visit our client, Jack in the Box. We spent one full afternoon visiting local restaurants that had installed our new design in various signage formats.

 It’s always fun to finally see a new brand identity program literally spring to life after being involved in the design phase for a year or more. This is was no exception, I love the new I.D. and the JIB design group has done a masterful job of figuring out how to address all the issues relative to architectural configurations, local signage ordinances and the like. It makes you realize how much more there is to design than just “design”.

 The trip to the signage fabricator, CNP Signs was really interesting. I watched as they extruded the plastic from vacuum form molds and packaged up huge signs to ship off to Houston to replace old ones damaged in the recent hurricane. The whole process of new signage will probably take up to 3 years as franchisees and headquarters work it into their operating budgets.

 Later, as I stood looking up at one new pole sign looming over the San Diego landscape, I couldn’t help but think about how this new design will affect all the neighborhoods it eventually populates. While I’m very proud of the new design, I wondered, will it become "just another eye sore” to those who have to live beneath it or see it on their way to and from work everyday?

 I also read with interest a couple of recent posts regarding signage at designobserver.com, “A Babylon of Signs” and “A response to A Babylon of signs”– very interesting and challenging perspectives. Check them out - I’ll let you be the judge.

 Me, I’m going to continue to work on improving at least the design side of the equation. That and ordering up another double bacon cheeseburger from my local Jack in the Box.



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  • Air pollution. YUCK. 

    MW May 7, 2010 — 11:10 am

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