Missy Wilson-Bierbrauer

By Missy Wilson Feb 10, 2009

When did you know you were destined to be a designer? 

When I put myself in charge of creating a wrapping room for my mom filled with boxes and wrappers and ribbon. Of course I did all the wrapping.

It was predicted that the death of print would be brought about with the emergence of the Internet, that magazines, the news and printed information would migrate to electronic forms. Why do you think that this has or hasn’t happened? 

It is happening now. I’m trying to simplify and pair down my life and home and workspace. Digital magazines with images I can sort and bookmark have replaced my tear sheets from actual magazines. Websites like FFFFound and blogs are where I seek inspiration. However, BOOKS are forever. The Kindle will never replace my library and collection of books. I’m currently converting a room at home into a library and reference room. I can’t wait.

Where do you draw the line between graphics, fashion, and art? 

There is no line.

What hidden aspects of fashion/design would you like to draw more attention to and why? 

The utilitarian and smaller and sometimes overlooked details…zippers, tags, stitching, the lining of a jacket….the surprises and essentials of crafting anything.

Favorite tools. 

A multi-colored pen from Muji and my Oh Boy notebooks.

Life Titles:
Wife, Daughter, Designer, Collector of Things, Lover of Artificial Cheese Food



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  • Missy-It's Nat from Spar Inc. days. A blast from the past. I would love to hear from you. email me at nherndon@ololrmc.com. or find me on FBook. I'm living in BR and work in the marketing department at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Been thinking and wondering what you are up to. I know the info above was posted in '09. Hope my message makes it to you. Love. 

    Natalie Keenan Jun 17, 2013 — 12:08 pm

  • Kelly Starr-King - OH MY GOD MANDIE you truly are the GREATEST! Now I must go grab a tissue. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for eveiythrng you've done to make this an experience of a lifetime! 

    Jacli Jun 18, 2013 — 1:33 am

  • - Thanks for the comment, Jody. I'm not sure how fuoulbas my life is but it's definitely fun. Thank you! I'm with you on the games. I think they feel really forced and most ppl I know do not like them. I think food and drinks are enough to bring people together. Sometimes it's more painful if you don't know anyone and have to interact by playing games. It's like a team-building exercise at work! 

    Muhammad Jun 18, 2013 — 4:47 am

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