The Human Touch

By Nancy Kullas Jan 28, 2009

Joining in 1987 what was then “The Duffy Group” changed my life forever.

The first day in that funky and wonderfully sweet Minneapolis Skyway space I knew I had been given a gift. Incredibly I was working with artists. I was working with people who were creating art from their souls to engage with the souls of others. Over the past 22 years, I’ve seen what this gift has done to enrich my life; my children’s lives, the lives of those I work with and with all humility, the lives of our neighbors around the world who shop the grocery aisles and more.

At Duffy & Partners, we have never, and will never, lose sight of what makes design an enriching experience for us all. . . it’s art. It’s the art in design that touches hearts. It’s the art in design that brings joy; it’s the art in design that moves us to choose.

While we certainly understand the economics of the marketplace and that brands must be sure their design—their brand will ring true with their “loyalists”, we stand by our clients and assure them that if their brand is to inspire and make a truly emotional/human connection, art must be abundantly present. Sincerely, the art in our work has proven this idea right time and time again.

Art is an expression of some ONE, not some THING. Art is the human element that connects us to each other whether we are offering a product for someone to enjoy or jotting a handwritten note for our children to read after school.

In this age of transformation, re-think your brand as art coming from ONE human being to another.

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