Transformation Thread

I am a fan of Bruce Nussbaum—a great writer and provocative thinker. He recently wrote on a thread about the idea of transformation vs. innovation. It made me ponder the two concepts and how they relate to the business of design.

Innovation – it’s about applying ideas to make something new.
Transformation – it’s about change at its heart. Importantly it encompasses a sense of contextual change. It’s got a greater sense of engagement. It is about process. It suggests the outcome with people in mind.

That’s really what design is about. What designers do every day. Design is the process of making things more beautiful, easier to use, more practical—better.

That’s why the business of design makes so much sense in the times we live it. It’s about changing people’s lives and ultimately the world we live in—for the better. And when our designs transform people’s lives, they engage differently. Businesses transform as a result.

Let’s turn our focus to transformation—of our work practices to be more purposeful and efficient; of our work product to be smarter and more provocative; of the designs we deliver to be beautifully crafted to change business and move people everyday.

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