Duffy & Partners Celebrates Art For The River

On Wednesday, September 17, Duffy & Partners celebrated Art for The River.  The fund raising event featured the sale of a limited edition of silk screened posters designed by each of the designers at D&P.  All proceeds of the sale of the posters support The Mississippi River Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Mississippi National Recreation Area, 72 miles of riverfront National Park in the Twin Cities area.

What others think:

  • Super vid. Thanks,,, I live minutes from Gavens point dam in Yankton and there are treilar houses, propain tanks, docks, and everything else floating down the river at this time. Much distruction here going on, daughter is in national gaurds and has been filling sand bags for many days now in a last bit attemp to save some houses along the river that the rising water has not found yet. Blessed here but my heart goes out to those that are not at this time. Great vid . Thanks,,,,, 

    Pascall Aug 25, 2012 — 8:19 am

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