Sony Gallery in Shanghai, China

By Joe Duffy Nov 22, 2006

The Challenge:
How do you introduce an iconic global brand to a population who has little to no knowledge of the brand or its products? How do you inspire desire and maintain interest over months until products are available for local purchase?

The Solution:
We helped introduce Sony to China by creating a branded experience in the form of an interactive gallery. The environment educates and inspires Chinese consumers to learn more about Sony and its technologies, thereby creating desire for their products.

The space contains state-of-the-art image, sound and play. It is truly unlike anything that exists. More showroom than retail space, Sony products are not available for sale at the gallery in Shanghai. As a branded experience and destination, it is a “port” for creativity – importing and exporting ideas, content and entertainment to and from China. A place to learn how Sony products can help to simplify and connect the various pieces of your life – work, personal, communications, entertainment, organization, etc. It is an opportunity to literally interact with the Sony brand and all it stands for.

We were charged to create the concept, design the identity around the Sony brand language, and translate that into an experiential environment that showcased the uniqueness of Sony. Consumer research inspired conceptual boards that guided us into understanding the target and what visual and verbal cues resonated with the technology savvy consumer.

Additionally, we immersed ourselves in the eastern culture, and the idea of “east meets west” became paramount to our design. From there, the concept began to blossom as Chinese themes were integrated throughout the futuristic setting as both architectural and content components.

The Sony Gallery opened in June 2004 to standing-room-only crowds and intense local and international media coverage.

More than 90% of visitors expressed desire to visit the Gallery again and purchase Sony products when they become available in the Chinese marketplace.

Sony Gallery welcomed its one-millionth visitor after being open just 10 months.

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