One Show Design Awards

Thymes Red Cherie and Myndology BARE have won Merit awards in the Package Design category.

This new bath and body collection from the Thymes called for a design that evoked the red cherry notes of the collection’s fragrance. A hallmark of the Thymes brand is blending the artistry found in nature with packaging that delicately harnesses the joy found in giving a friend something special. Hand painted cherry blossoms brought this packaging concept to life. The light wood textures behind the blossoms give the delicate art a quiet depth.

Bare – represents the second line of Myndology notebook systems which utilizes the unique, patented Atoma binding system. A smart system which allows a user to re-fill and re-order notebook pages. The Bare name reflects a design and production philosophy—the bare essentials—no more, no less.

The One Show Festival will begin May 5th in New York City with the One Show Design Awards taking place Tuesday, May 6th.


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    Turjo Oct 6, 2013 — 12:26 am

  • These are beautiful! Bare tree shots can be much more drmaatic than a fully-leafed tree and you can get some wonderful effects. I've been taking a lot of them lately--well, we do have a long winter here. [url=]eyttmgl[/url] [link=]rqfidnnqdqd[/link] 

    Fabiano Oct 9, 2013 — 2:35 am

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