GQ’s Challenge In Response To Ugly License Plates

By Joseph Duffy Dec 5, 2006

Sick of ugly license plates, GQ challenged nine of the country’s most talented designers to create new license plate designs for their state that encompass everything a license plate could be.

The creative geniuses at Minneapolis-based Duffy & Partners were one of nine designers around the country chosen to imagine what license plates could be. Duffy & Partners created three spectacular new license plates that pay homage to the states 10,000 lakes, the environment and a locally-designed typeface designed by a foundry in St. Paul.

What others think:

  • ABC 123 seemes pretty darned ugly IMHO DCE353 fresh & innovative, a plate for the 21st century! Simple yet original, quite effective & utilitarian. Also ugly, the current MI, GA, Most of those issued by IN over the last 30+ years, NH, MO, TN, AK, IA... and that doen't even cover those who have stuck with the same tired design far too long (HI, NJ etc.) or have a slogan (MA, WI etc.) which has similarly worn out it's welcome. 

    Carl Jun 13, 2011 — 2:43 pm

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