Biking Fridays

More stories about ways that people from D&P refuel on Friday afternoons. 


1. "Friday afternoon is my time to saddle the mtn bike and pedal beyond a comfortable amount of time and/or distance. I usually pack up the truck with gear the night before as well as put together the plan of attack. Fortunately we are blessed in this area with several trail options close to work and home. Even sweeter is that they are all unique and offer different terrain.

Riding alone is something I have grown to love thanks to my Friday afternoon schedule. I call it suffer time because w/o the motivation of a pack, it is hard to pick a pace and stick with it to the end. This is the time that I try and shut the brain off and allow my body to take over."


2. "I head West. I jump on my bike and ride as far as I’m able; usually to the depths of Eden Prairie or Lake Minnetonka. I make sure my ipod is fully charged, without it, I go nowhere. I have water in my bottle and tie my swimsuit around the handlebars of my bike and head out.

I feel calm yet powerful.

On my way home I look forward to dropping off into the water and swimming at the secret spot I discovered off of the trail.

No matter where I go, I have to get back and it feels good to have pushed myself another mile longer than last Friday."


3. Merging passions: biking and design.

"When I first came across Twin Six I was pretty stoked that someone out there was combining two huge passions in my life: Designing & Biking. It was all the more sweeter when I learned that they were located right here in Minneapolis.

Twin Six are two passionate young designers that were fed up with what the bike industry was offering for cycling apparel. They coin themselves an “alternative cycling apparel company”. They started out with softgoods (jerseys, t-shirts, socks, etc.) and have recently worked with a custom frame manufacturer to create a T6 bike frame. . . It is sweet!

Another thing that is important to note is that while building a viable business in a very short amount of time, they have done so in the trenches. These guys are everywhere and have built a community of “T6 team members” to help showcase their work all over the country. It would honestly be hard to find a biking event anywhere without some T6 swag gracing the scene.

They are part of the ever growing group committed to change biking into a lifestyle rather than just a form of transportation.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next."


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