Myndology introduces new color infused product designs.

From notebooks to flashcards, index cards to journals, the Myndology products are designed to evoke inspiration and  “good thinking.”  Patterns, icons and thought bubbles inspire the creation of an idea, a concept, data, numbers, a fact or a doodle.  

Myndology, formerly Mindbinders, introduces its new and expanded line of stationery and study products. Building on its foundation of “good thinking” with O-ring flashcards for studying, sketching and more, Myndology’s new design-enhanced line includes an entirely new line of spiral notebook in a variety of sizes, types and designs. The Myndology Notebook uses the revolutionary Atoma Binding System from Europe, which features a plastic disc binding that allows sheets to be pulled out and then put back in, anytime, anyplace.  The sleek design and innovative binding system allows for multiple sizes of sheets to be held in one notebook.

The creative, color infused design and packaging are the result of collaboration between Myndology and Duffy & Partners. “This is a very exciting venture for us – particularly with another Minnesota born company.  The infusion of design in everyday venues started with packaging. With Myndology, we can translate those elements into the actual product design, carrying the brand to a whole new level,” said Tricia Davidson, managing partner of Duffy & Partners.

Myndology was born in 1998 with the vision to improve the way people study. Inspired by how Japanese students study while visiting Japan, founder Jason Kinziger conceived the idea of ring bound paper products that keep thoughts and ideas together, while being able to transport pieces or change the sequence of notes to the user’s preference.  “Myndology was literally founded in my parents’ garage. The first Myndology Flashcards were assembled and sold right out of mom and dad’s garage,” said Kinziger. An innovation in its category, the newly enhanced Myndology line offers refills for its disc bound products to provide an environmentally conscious solution to getting new notebooks.

With the new Myndology products out in the marketplace the company’s awareness is quickly increasing. Website orders are at an all time high- up 80% from last year, and new placements in college bookstores nationwide as well as many local Minneapolis retailers have increased distribution channels by a third. With many new ideas and projects underway that will enhance the Myndology lines, be on the lookout for new products yet to come.

Myndology. Fresh. Smart. Good thinking.

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  • Where can I find Myndology products in my country, The Netherlands? They're perfect for my daughter's japanese studies. please help! MVDL  

    Anonymous Sep 19, 2010 — 3:46 pm

  • I found your blog entry on the WTM. We love this handwriting praogrm and I have StartWrite but what font are you using that corresponds with The Joy of Handwriting? Thanks! 

    Olesya Oct 5, 2013 — 11:51 pm

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