Creative Mornings MSP

Time to get minimal.

By Duffy & Partners Jun 12, 2014

Bacardi: The Facundo Collection

Introducing the art of rum.

By Duffy & Partners May 28, 2014

Summer just got infinitely better.

Summit Brewing's all new cans.

By Duffy & Partners May 19, 2014

Masters of Craft Beer Branding

Behind the scenes of our biggest beer rebrand to date.

By Duffy & Partners Mar 14, 2014

Summit Brewing's New Packaging System

All-new packaging for new years (and beers) to come.

By Duffy & Partners Jan 8, 2014

The Best of 2013

One for the records.

By Duffy & Partners Dec 31, 2013

Winter has arrived in the Twin Cities.

A sneak peek at the 2014 ski festival.

By Duffy & Partners Dec 6, 2013

Brewery Ommegang featured in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Sharing in good design with good people.

By Duffy & Partners Nov 5, 2013

AIGA Honolulu - Hawai'i's 5-O 2013

For the last few years the Honolulu Chapter of AIGA has been trying to get Duffy & Partners out to the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. This past week the stars aligned and I had the absolute pleasure of coming out and judge the 2013 Hawaii 5-O design show and speak at the Designer Dialogue for the inaugural Design Week.

By Joseph Duffy Oct 28, 2013

River City Revue

New design for the Mississippi River Fund

By Katie Evans Aug 1, 2013

MOA in UC.Quarterly

Newsprint edition.

By Valerie Seijas Jul 29, 2013

Joseph Duffy IV on The Reflex Blue Show

Duffy 101—in stereo.

By Duffy & Partners Jul 15, 2013

Branding the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup

Making soccer history again.

By Duffy & Partners Jun 27, 2013

American Craft Beer Week

Exploring the creativity of brewing.

By Valerie Seijas May 17, 2013

Mall of America Rebrand

What’s old is new again, never going out of style.

By Duffy & Partners May 15, 2013 Comments (1)

Beyond the Margarita

Our favorite tequila recipes for Cinco de Mayo.

By Duffy & Partners May 5, 2013 Comments (3)

Booming Bloomington

Rebranding the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau

By Duffy & Partners May 3, 2013

Summit Brewing Company's Union Series

An all-new package design for an all-new series of craft beers.

By Duffy & Partners Apr 26, 2013

Read your heart out.

World Book Day 2013

By Duffy & Partners Apr 23, 2013

Cultivating Family: Articondo & Happy Canyon

Introducing two new package designs for Grassini Family Vineyards.

By Duffy & Partners Apr 22, 2013

Elevate Your Package Design

The Dieline Conference 2013

By Joseph Duffy Apr 8, 2013

Everyday Design

Making it Personal

Process Journals—Slow & Low

The nuts and bolts behind an all-American whiskey.

By Duffy & Partners Mar 29, 2013

Fisher Price: The Joy of Learning

Designing a tool to make shopping easier.

By Valerie Seijas Mar 11, 2013

Duffy & Partners Tours

Tours of our studio are available. Schedule yours today.

By Duffy & Partners Mar 1, 2013

Duffy & Partners Speaks

D&P team members speak frequently around the country.

By Duffy & Partners Mar 1, 2013

Girls Night Out!

Long overdue...

By Bridget Duffy Feb 21, 2013

Summit Brewing Company Debuts New Logo

Rebranding the Summit Brewing Company

By Nancy Kullas Feb 21, 2013

The City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival 2013

Welcoming ice and snow.

By Valerie Seijas Feb 1, 2013

Meet Jesse Lindhorst


By Duffy & Partners Dec 1, 2012

Educate A Child

The hope for a better future begins with children.

By Valerie Seijas Nov 26, 2012

Ommegang Earns Its Seat at the Thanksgiving Table

This Belgian-style brew pairs well with style.

By Ashley Hudson Nov 22, 2012

Process Journals—Brewery Ommegang

Designing the perfect balance.

By Duffy & Partners Nov 21, 2012

The Real-Phonic Radio Hour

Ambiance and acoustics.

By Valerie Seijas Nov 13, 2012

The Drawing Type

Celebrating the TDC's 65th Anniversary

By Joe Duffy Sep 24, 2012 Comments (3)

Brewery Ommegang

Our latest design offering comes by the case.

By Joseph Duffy Aug 30, 2012 Comments (2)

6 Beers, 2 Bottles of Wine, and a Fifth of Whiskey.

No, that’s not what I had for dinner last night … but it is what I’ve been focusing much of my attention on these past few months.

By Joe Duffy Aug 22, 2012 Comments (1)

New Case Study :: AmLactin

Specially formulated. Clinically proven.

By Valerie Seijas Jul 9, 2012


By Duffy & Partners Jul 4, 2012

Do What You Love

Art, life, and having a damn good time.

By Valerie Seijas Jun 22, 2012

Process Journals—Society for Rational Dress

Behind the scenes at D&P.

By Valerie Seijas Jun 8, 2012

Hillshire Brands

Proud to Rebrand

By Nancy Kullas Jun 5, 2012

Everyone's A Designer.

A Forbes CMO Network piece.

By Joe Duffy May 31, 2012

Meet Shari Southwick

Studio Coordinator

By Shari Southwick May 24, 2012 Comments (3)

Be Change

Attending the See Change Conference 2012

By Valerie Seijas May 23, 2012

New Country

By Valerie Seijas Mar 5, 2012

MOM Brands

By Ashley Hudson Feb 22, 2012

Design for Good: Nice Ride MN

An AIGA Design for Good Case Study

By Joseph Duffy Jan 13, 2012

City of Lakes Loppet

By Carly Wright Jan 9, 2012

Why The Best Brands Eventually Leave Their Names Behind. Part 2

Branding giant Joe Duffy looks at the world's most powerful brands and how they've evolved to the point of "wordlessness."

By Joe Duffy Jan 3, 2012 Comments (1)

Meet Ashley Hudson

Project Manager

By Ashley Hudson Dec 20, 2011 Comments (3)

Speaking to Idiots.

A Forbes CMO Network piece.

By Joe Duffy Dec 12, 2011 Comments (2)

Meet Carly Wright


By Duffy & Partners Nov 2, 2011

Balloons of Bhutan

What makes you happy? What is your happiest memory? What is your favorite joke? What is your level of happiness between 1 and 10? If you could make one wish, what would it be?

Tricks and Treats

By Valerie Seijas Oct 31, 2011 Comments (2)

Embracing Variation

What we can learn from the painting of Gerhard Richter.

By Valerie Seijas Oct 18, 2011 Comments (2)


By Katie Evans Oct 17, 2011 Comments (1)

Star Trek Convention, Chicago

On September 30th, my boyfriend drove me seven hours to the wonderful city of Chicago. Were we going to take an elevator to the top of the Hancock building? Or maybe we would visit the iconic Wrigley field? Would we perhaps gaze into Anish Kapoor's famous "Cloud Gate" sculpture, otherwise known as "that shiny bean thing"? No. We were going to a Star Trek convention.

By Katie Evans Oct 12, 2011 Comments (1)

Local Color

An afternoon of inspiration

By Missy Wilson Jun 8, 2011 Comments (1)

River Views

An Early Birding Paddle

Summer Destination - Minneapolis!

This fall marks 10 years since I've been a Minnesota transplant and I have to say I've fallen in love with Minneapolis and am proud to call it home.

By Ashley Hudson May 9, 2011


Tequila-Soaked Watermelon A fun recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Cause Branding

A natural extension

Tibor Kalman vs. Joe Duffy Revisited

"The mother of all design debates."

By Valerie Seijas Apr 7, 2011 Comments (1)

Design Icon Joe Duffy

The most important skills a designer can acquire.

By Valerie Seijas Apr 5, 2011

Locally Sourced Food

The race for green is a race with no finish line.

By Valerie Seijas Mar 29, 2011 Comments (5)

Just a little wallpaper love...

By Katie Evans Mar 15, 2011

More signs - NYC

By Missy Wilson Mar 11, 2011

AIGA Stimulatte

By Katie Evans Mar 11, 2011 Comments (3)

How Magazine's January Issue "Common Ground"

“We have clients who are bold, brash and opinionated, while others are meek, mild and couldn’t be nicer—and everything in between. The best designers learn to communicate in that particular person’s language.” Joe Duffy

Recently back from Seoul

"The soul of Asia"

Let It Grow

Tree = Growth

By Bridget Duffy Dec 22, 2010 Comments (3)

Bless This Space

By Missy Wilson Dec 21, 2010

Nature as Inspiration

Above and Below

By Joe Duffy Dec 13, 2010

Like Wildfire

By Valerie Seijas Dec 13, 2010

A Place to Grow

By Alan Leusink Dec 13, 2010

What to do?

By Nancy Kullas Dec 13, 2010

Meet Katie Evans


By Duffy & Partners Dec 10, 2010

Meet Valerie Reupert

Business Development Manager

By Duffy & Partners Nov 17, 2010 Comments (4)

Disconnecting is good for the soul

For more than 2 weeks, my husband and I traveled in Europe, mostly by motorcycle, without the modern conveniences (annoyances) of constantly being connected by cell phone, email, IMs, facebook ....... it was alpine heaven.


One day a couple weeks ago my daughter asked why it is that you can only find things in “4 shades of blue.”

City of Lakes

By Julie Shim Aug 30, 2010 Comments (1)

Cead Mile Failte

a popular Gaelic greeting meaning "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes"

By Bridget Duffy Aug 24, 2010

Best Ad I've seen in a LONG time

I recently got an email forwarded to me about a new seatbelt ad that the UK is doing.

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown 2010

Frequently referred to as the best beer fest in America, Brewery Ommegang's Belgium Comes to Cooperstown was an amazing event. I had the pleasure of visiting Cooperstown NY for this event over the weekend to celebrate the Belgium beer culture.

Playing in the Mud

Another art camp at the cabin, another opportunity to get our hands dirty while creating what we all hope will turn out to be beautiful art.

By Joe Duffy Jul 20, 2010

Green Bike Invasion is Here

Close to 2 years ago John Munger and Bill Dossett came to D&P to discuss an idea that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak had - bringing a bike share program to our city. At this point we were basically starting from scratch. Their direction was to make it happen, period.

By Joseph Duffy Jun 18, 2010

Calling all Captains! Captain Morgan is at Target Field

When you go to a home Twins game at the new Target Field, be sure to check out the Captain's Deck.

One Show Design 2010

I had the distinct pleasure to join an amazing cast of creatives as a judge at this year's One Show Design competition in Brooklyn, NY.

By Joseph Duffy May 4, 2010 Comments (1)

Sign up for Email Updates from D&P

We've been updating and expanding our website and online features. We will occasionally send out email news to our subscribers to show how we're using design to help our clients around the world.


A poster party. April 10, 7 pm - 12 am

Creative Bootcamp

Building creative thinking.

Winter Olympic Uniform Design - Part Trois: The Ultimate Formula for Success?

How about asking a native artist from the host nation to design your uniforms? That’s what the Dutch did, and I honestly think they deserve the gold medal in design.

By Joe Duffy Feb 26, 2010 Comments (1)

News on New French Bakery

The new, shippable display tray designed for New French Bakery was able to reduce corrugated use by 30%, saving resources and passing the savings on to consumers. Read more results, as published in the Feb 2010 article in Baking & Snack.

Winter Olympic Uniform Design - Part Deux

Ok, now that the games are in full swing and the official team uniforms have been exposed to millions around the world, it’s time to sharpen the pencils at the judge’s table. I must admit some of my earlier concerns have been dashed as I’ve had the chance to see more official team attire, particularly for Team USA.

By Joe Duffy Feb 22, 2010

Winter Olympic Uniform Design - For God, Country, Fashion & Sport

The excitement is rising. The games will soon be here. I can’t wait. As someone raised in the ice and snow of Minnesota, the Winter Olympics are my favorite spectator event.

By Joe Duffy Feb 12, 2010 Comments (1)

Super Bowl Madness

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Innisfree: Preparing for Global Expansion

New expression for Asia's leading cosmetic brand poised for global expansion.

By Duffy & Partners Jan 29, 2010 Comments (1)

Snowflake Beauty

A snowflake. How can something so small have such intricate detail?

Turn Happy Hour into Haiti Hour

On of our print partners, Print for Change invites you to attend a benefit for Haiti this Thursday, January 21st, from 6-9pm at the Graves 601 Ballroom in downtown Minneapolis. 100% of all donations will go to Healing Haiti, a non-profit organization that provides water, food, housing and education to Haitians in need.

NEW MATH: Arithmetic for the right-brain

Let me introduce the smart, witty artwork of American artist Craig Damrauer.

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Last minute gift inspiration

Design Is Country

The country audience is the one we designers need to "play to" if we're going to broaden the appeal of our best work.

By Joe Duffy Dec 9, 2009

Designed Food

Whether you're an Iron Chef or a Top Chef fan you know points for "presentation" are just about as important as they are for taste.

By Joe Duffy Nov 26, 2009

Sensory Overload

I love Vegas. It is so over-the-top bling all jammed together that one wonders how anyone can possibly make sense of what they are seeing.

Get Your Hands Dirty

A ceramics show at the Walker Art Center got me thinking about the importance of working with my hands.

By Joe Duffy Nov 23, 2009

New Minute Maid design hits the shelves!

Coca-Cola just announced the new packaging designs for Minute Maid juices which are available around the world starting this month. Look for our latest work in your grocer's juice aisle!

Design - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In my life design has always been a way to connect me to the people I love and the things I believe in.

By Joe Duffy Nov 13, 2009

A Saloon Keeper's Son

Barkeeping and branding are both in my blood...and have more in common than you might think.

By Joe Duffy Nov 5, 2009

Basin White in Las Vegas!

Basin White visitors find inspiration and joy in unexpected places.

Duffy Reprise: Twin Cities Marathon, Take Two

Established as, “the most beautiful urban marathon in America,” the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon has become an iconic event in the Minneapolis / St. Paul community, as well at Duffy & Partners. Duffy created this marathon brand by developing the primary identity and a subsequent series of posters that were displayed throughout both cities.

Stop Going to Work

We are living in interesting times. Never before have we been so connected. Our ability to interact is nearly unlimited. Technology is a most formidable tool, the driver, a catalyst in the laboratory of life.

By Joe Duffy Oct 26, 2009 Comments (2)

Nature As Design's Inspiration

Nature never fails to produce something new and interesting. Connecting it with your craft yields inspired solutions.

By Joe Duffy Oct 19, 2009 Comments (1)

When Great Design Becomes Its Own Language

The brands that have been designed in the best possible ways have their own proprietary language that tells their story, sets them apart from all the brands they compete with, and connects them in a very meaningful way to their audience.

By Joe Duffy Oct 19, 2009

Demystifying Design :: An Argument for Simplicity

Design is as much a process as it is an end product. And it should be a process that designers and clients resolve to make simple.

By Joe Duffy Oct 13, 2009 Comments (2)


The only way to truly create an appropriate and effective brand is to do your homework. Whether you are building a brand from scratch or revitalizing an existing brand that needs to re-find its relevance in today's world. Immersing yourself in the brand's past, present and possible future is the most important first step.

By Joseph Duffy Oct 8, 2009 Comments (2)

Knob Creek, All Gone?

Thanks for nothing.

By Nancy Kullas Oct 8, 2009

Duffy & Partners Announces New Identity and Design for New French Bakery

Giving Push to Brand Helps Company Make Dough During Recession

Heath Ceramics

Simple good things for good people.

0-60 in 3 Days

This past weekend I participated in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in the Twin Cities, walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days. Over 2500 walkers joined in the fight against breast cancer, raising over $6.1 Million, to benefit Susan G. Komen For the Cure in their efforts against the horrible disease.


I was thrilled to be asked to design graphics and the mural for this year's Art-A-Whirl event held by Creative Electric Studios, an impressive collaborative of writers, musicians, actors, film makers and craftspeople. Thanks to Jenny Adams Salmela and Dave Salmela of Creative Electric for heading up this art bash and for including me.

By Missy Wilson Aug 4, 2009

De-sign [di-zahyn]

-verb (used with object) 2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.

Wellmune brand continues to grow

Lassonde, the largest refrigerated juice company in Canada, recently launched a new product in its Oasis line that contains Wellmune WGP, an ingredient whose biological effect on the immune system has been scientifically proven.


The AIGA South Dakota chapter invited me out to present our work to a group of local designers, ad people and students. I had never been to Sioux Falls before and I was excited for the opportunity to share our process, work and thoughts on the business of graphic design.

By Joseph Duffy Jun 9, 2009 Comments (2)


A new gallery at

Duffy & Partners Creates Cohesive Branding for Jerky Snack Brands

Pioneer beef jerky products bring new, bold attitude to the shelves.

Duffy & Partners Adds Key Ingredient to Wolfgang Puck Brand Identity

A gourmet experience consumers can share and savor from the comfort of home

Pie in the sky… or air pollution?

I had the good fortune of leaving the frozen tundra a few weeks back and traveled to sunny San Diego to address the local creative community and to visit our client, Jack in the Box. We spent one full afternoon visiting various restaurants that had installed our new design in various signage formats.

By Joe Duffy Feb 23, 2009 Comments (2)

Missy Wilson-Bierbrauer

New Orleans, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, Cornwall, Minneapolis. A lifetime of migration in pursuit of creativity and love. It feels good to be Home.

By Missy Wilson Feb 10, 2009 Comments (3)


I recently finished my latest painting, a portrait of a friend/client’s daughter, “Sarah.”

By Joe Duffy Feb 3, 2009

The Human Touch

By Nancy Kullas Jan 28, 2009


One super cold Minnesota weekend, I actually left the house....

By Missy Wilson Jan 21, 2009 Comments (2)

Design to enrich everyday life.

That’s our mission. featured in Digital Web Magazine

Our thanks to Kimberly Elam of Digital Web Magazine for her nice article "Web Design by Designers" which profiles the newly upgrade

Duffy & Partners Celebrates Art For The River

A gala open house event featured Art for the River created by the designers at Duffy & Partners to raise awareness and funds for the Mississippi River Fund.

Wellmune helping wildland fire fighters to stay on the job.

A new study shows how the immune health supplement keeps fire fighters in better physical health for their grueling job.

Welcome to the new experience

a new experience awaits you.

Communication Arts Design Annual 49

Thymes catches the eyes of Comm Arts jurors.

Tall Tales now being told.

The successful partnership of Webb Restaurants and Duffy & Partners debut a new restaurant for Gander Mountain - the leading outdoor sports retailer.

Mona Lisa at Celebration Welcomes You

Mona Lisa at Celebration is now welcoming visitors to the exciting DisneyWorld and Orlando area.

D&P Designs New Brand Language For Nation's Largest Non-Profit Devoted to Social Change

New branding for Points of Light Institute and Hands On Network was unveiled at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta on June lst.

Race for the Cure

Pink gloves, tiaras, feather boas...and a fixed focus on breasts.

Joe Duffy Profiled In Metro Magazine

The May 2008 issue of Metro highlights the history and work of Joe Duffy of Duffy & Partners.

Duffy & Partners Honored In Masters Of Design Series

We are thrilled to recognized by Monadnock Paper Mills as the third firm to be profiled in their Masters of Design series.

First Class Opening at 501F1T

Strength with Class

Wellmune is making more news.

A new brand Mia Relax features Wellmune and new clinical research demonstrates how Wellmune helps you fight symptoms of the common cold.

D&P Creates A Bold New Health Care Brand for Kardia Health Systems

Kardia Health Systems' new brand langugage — designed by Duffy & Partners — is designed to communicate how cardiology care is being reinvented by new technology.

One Show Design Awards

Duffy & Partners has received Merit awards in the Package Design catagory.

D&P Winners In Minnesota AIGA Show

Duffy & Partners received a total of seven awards at the Minnesota AIGA Design Show on Thursday, March 13 at the awards gala at the Weismann Art Museum in the Twin Cities. Click here to see the winning entries.

Beauty of Bathing

Thymes has recently created a new line of luxury bath and body collection, the first collection in a new brand called: Beauty of Bathing.

Why the Democratization of design is a good thing -- really

Read Joe's view on the power of design.

Graphis Logo Design 7

Pity the poor logo, called upon to do so much, in oh so little space, in brevity of line, in never enough time. Expectations at impossible levels, minimal, miniature, minute, expressing everything that is known, about a product, a service, a company, an earth altering idea, a country? We want logos to change the face of time, reverse men’s fortunes, erase national debts, for crying out loud – all in the blink of an eye.

CA Features American Eagle Outfitters Headquarters Campus

Communication Arts March/April issue feaures American Eagle Outfitters new headquarters in Environmental Graphic Design.

Duffy & Partners Hired By Kardia Health for Branding

Duffy & Partners to provide branding for leading edge Minnesota based cardiac healthcare company.

Duffy Exhibit at The Eisner Museum

Duffy & Partners' work is currently being showcased at The Eisner - American Museum of Advertising & Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin through Sunday, May 4, 2008.

Check out photos of Duffy's work on display. 


Basin White Featured in "On The Road" TV segment

Basin White is an elegant extension of the Basin brand.  Located on the mezzanine level at Disney World's landmark Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Basin White offers giftable bath and beauty products that combine modern design with Victorian charm. 

Joe & Joseph Speak @ Portfolio Center

I once again had the pleasure of accompanying my father to visit and present our work and design process to students and staff at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. This was a whirlwind trip and our only regret was not having more time to spend there.

By Joseph Duffy Feb 4, 2008

Traditions of the Season

To you and yours, D&P sends you wishes of good cheer for this holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

Duffy & Partners' Award Winning Recognition in Graphis 2007 Logo Design Show

7 logos designed by Duffy & Partners win Gold Awards, with a Platinum Award going to D&P for its own logo.

Mona Lisa Suite Hotel Opens Model Room

Showing completed furniture, fixtures, art and accessories, Mona Lisa completes a Model Suite for display. With completion targeted for the end of the year, Mona Lisa has pre-sold most of their rooms in the condo hotel in Celebration, Florida.

Duffy & Partners Wins Zandi Award for Bahamas Brand Book

Entry judged "Best of Show" in the 2007 M-real Corporate Communication Contest

For American Eagle Outfitters, Brand, Art And Culture Are One.

It has always been our philosophy that what we do at Duffy & Partners is about thoughtfully blending art with commerce. In the case of American Eagle, the work we’ve created for their new headquarters is as brand right as it is artful and even cultural for AEO employees and the citizens of Pittsburgh.

By Nancy Kullas Nov 9, 2007 Comments (1)

Mona Lisa Suites Hotel Nearing Completion

Designed in a collaborative partnership with Morris Adjmi Architects, Duffy & Partners work on the new suites hotel in Celebration, Florida will soon be opening for business.

Bahamas Case Study In The News

Thanks to Bart Cleveland for his recent post on and his kind words about Duffy & Partners branding effort for The Bahamas.

Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life

An enormous collection of prints:

The Ultimate Drive for the Ultimate Cure

Have you heard about the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience? Sign up to participate — for every mile driven, $1 is donated to Susan G. Komen For The Cure.

Being a Brand

Designing a brand. Being a brand. Not marketing a brand.

Duffy & Partners designs the Wellmune brand for Biothera

The award winning innovative new ingredient brand is clinically proven to help enhance the immune system.  Wellmune will be made available through many popular foods and beverages in the near future.

A brand right work environment: American Eagle Outfitters' new corporate campus

Duffy partnered with AEO to create a new corporate headquarters to foster a work environment that celebrates their mission of helping young people to 'live their life".  Learn more about AEO's new offices at SouthSide works on the banks of the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh.

Ken Sakurai

Learn more about Ken Sakurai, Senior Designer

By Ken Sakurai Aug 3, 2007 Comments (3)

Wellmune wins prestigious Innovation award from IFT

Congratulations to Biothera for winning the Food Expo Innovation Award for its revolutionary new ingredient brand Wellmune. 

V.I.O. Makes National Headlines With Wearable Camera Technology

The New York Times, NBC's Today Show, and CNN all feature on-board video captured with the new V.I.O. wearable video camera technology during a long delayed Delta flight 5637.

When the eye inspires people to speak.

There is nothing more powerful than the words you hear from people you trust and respect.  In fact, research indicates that a word of mouth recommendation is the number one factor in persuading someone to try a product.  Design can create the ripple effect that gets people talking about your product and allows your marketing budget to actually decrease.

Aveda Introduces AM.

The fact is that men and women are different. So it may not surprise you that their hair and scalp care needs vary, too. Duffy is proud to introduce our newest work for Aveda: AM.

Duffy & Partners new designs for Aveda Men is on its way to a fine salon near you.

Designing for the Times. Design Management Review

It's the Information Age, or the Age of Information Overload-whichever you prefer-and the context for design is also changing. In the quest to get closer to customers, designers need to be aware of trends that interfere.

Mill City Farmers Market has expanded!

In only its second year, the Mill City Farmers Market has grown to include a Thursday evening market to an always-packed Sunday morning schedule in downtown Minneapolis.

Duffy & Partners Hired by Biothera As Branding Agency Of Record

Helping brand powerful new technology to improve the immune system.

Myndology Featured In Campus Chronicle

Products featured in the upcoming back to school edition.

Mona Lisa Construction Update

Scheduled to open this fall, Mona Lisa continues construction at its first location in Celebration, Florida, just minutes away from Disney World.

East Meets West

This past workshop was even miles above the years past and it has become clear that China is dead set on being a major player in the world wide advertising and design industry.

By Joseph Duffy Apr 3, 2007 Comments (1)

Bahamas Case Study Featured In Two New Branding Books

"the power of this identity is that it is not just a logo but a flexible, visual language with infinite applications.  It's authenticity guarantees that the experience will match the perception."

 Alina Wheeler in Designing Brand Identity

Ad Age Wakes Up To Ad Clutter

The bible of the advertising industry declares "the ad business is crushing itself under the weight of it's own messaging."

Thymes: A Makeover To Stay Ahead Of The Marketplace.

The fruitful efforts of a long-term partnership bore a refined name and identity as well as revitalized packaging for many existing products, as well as new products and packaging solutions.

By Nancy Kullas Mar 30, 2007 Comments (2)

Duffy & Partners Featured In Showroom Magazine

Sweden's leading on-line magazine devoted to creativity features a "chronicle" entitled "It's Design's Time."

Sweetleaf Baby In The News

The new Sweetleaf Baby Collection from Thymes is featured in the April 2007 issue of Town and Country.

Duffy & Partners Brands the Future of Video for V.I.O.

Duffy and Partners unveils the new brand identity program for V.I.O.

When Less is More.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

A story of integration, synthesis and leadership.

Mill City Farmers Market is one of 2007's "favorites" by Minnesota Monthly Magazine

Each year, the staff at MN Monthly magazine selects the "best of" for local shopping, eating, experiencing, etc. Once again, the 2006 newcomer to local farmers' markets has been recognized as one of the best new markets.

China Post #12 The Shanghai Envelope, Please.

Damn, what a city. I already miss it and it’s only been 1 week since the super high speed magnetic train slung me from Pudong to Shanghai International at an amazing 431 km per hour. That was a trip in and of itself – all 7 minutes of it. With the terrible traffic congestion the morning I left Mogenshan Road arts area, I was told the same trip by cab would have been over an hour. When the hell are we going to build the rails for these pollution-free, comfortable, speed demons in America? Oh well, that’s probably another subject, for a future post.

By Joe Duffy Dec 19, 2006

China Post # 10 - A Seoulful Detour

Duty regularly calls, even on the other side of the world and this trip was no exception to that rule. Just as I was looking forward to Patsy, hamburgers and the comfort of my own bed, I was asked to meet with a new client in Seoul. The timing was actually fortuitous because it saved a return flight to Asia, the week before Christmas and my few days in Seoul – my first trip there - were a real eye-opener. So I called on my favorite Korean designer, Li’l E, or Esther Mun, as she’s also known, had her meet me in Seoul and we set off on a new cultural adventure, for me at least.

By Joe Duffy Dec 16, 2006 Comments (1)

China Post # 11 A Really GOOD Picture Says a Thousand Words

You know how when you take an amazing, life-altering trip somewhere that makes you think differently about the world you live in and you desperately wish you could capture all the important parts just the way they happened and bring it all back home to share with everyone you care about? You know how, in those situations, your digital shots taken on the fly, without much thought, let alone photographic talent, don’t begin to do such an experience justice? If you do, you know how I feel every time I return home from China; that is, until this year’s trip.

By Joe Duffy Dec 16, 2006 Comments (1)

Thymes Launches New Line Of Paper

Extending the Frasier Fir Collection via New, Artistic Expressions

Food & Wine Features Mill City Farmers Market

Minneapolis Farmers Market On The Magazine's List of "100 Tastes You Must Try In 2007"

China Post #9 Moganshan Road

Contemporary art grows in Shanghai.

Not to be outdone by Beijing’s burgeoning 798 Arts District, the artists of Shanghai have responded with their own neighborhood of studios, living spaces and galleries. It’s a very cool scene that I’m glad I happened upon just in the nick of time. Unfortunately I didn’t get word on the area until the night before I was leaving Shanghai, so once again, I was looking for art on a Monday and worse yet, it was an early, rainy Monday. Nonetheless, I was able to scout it out, snap a few shots and make a plan for next year’s trip. Given the pace of this crazy town, it will no doubt double in size by then.

By Joe Duffy Dec 12, 2006 Comments (2)

China Post #8 Tian Zi Fang Art Street

A day off in Shanghai and a little shopping is in order.

By Joe Duffy Dec 8, 2006

China Post #7 – And the Beijing Winners Are…

Once again, it was an amazing stay in Beijing. The city, as always, is framed in imposing heritage and tradition but now includes surprises that are being put in place for the millions who will visit here in some 600+ days. Word is that all construction will (must) be completed 365 days prior to the opening ceremonies and one full year will be spent cleaning the air and scrubbing the entire city to a porcelain shine. Should be quite a show.

By Joe Duffy Dec 7, 2006 Comments (1)

China Post #6 - A One Show China Grad

He was far and away the best student in my Beijing workshop in 2003 and now his work just keeps getting better. Wang Yuwei, or WZL as he refers to himself, is a young designer working his way up in the emerging Beijing design scene.

By Joe Duffy Dec 6, 2006 Comments (3)

Thymes in the Media

Recently, our client Thymes was featured in two shows on KARE-TV in Minneapolis. Download the morning show segments to view and learn about Thymes, their products, and their new packaging designed by Duffy & Partners.


A Designa in China

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist hamming it up with all the outdoor art in the 798 Arts District of Beijing. What is it about outdoor sculpture that makes you need to become a part of it? … or maybe it’s just me.

By Joe Duffy Dec 5, 2006

GQ’s Challenge In Response To Ugly License Plates

GQ challenged nine of the country's most talented designers, including Duffy & Partners, to create new license plate designs for their state.

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21 Years of Holiday Cheer

A Duffy tradition was born over twenty years ago, over a couple of glasses of wine. It came from a place of good cheer. The idea was to share festive spirits for the holidays with clients, friends and families. The first design featured Mr. Claus himself. We printed 2 cases with a beautifully silk-screened label—a novelty at that time.

By Joe Duffy Dec 5, 2006

A New Look for Fresca

To offer consumers a fresh alternative to Diet Coke, Coca-Cola chose to revitalize Fresca, a 39-year-old existing brand, rather than introduce a new one. The new Fresca design better captures a more modern and sophisticated expression of the brand.

Myndology Launches New Muse Line

New products, new styling, new colors, new stores.
Just in time for holiday shopping.

China Post #3

I think this is trip number 13 or 14 to China and it still amazes me that such a transition takes place over such a short period of time. Despite the added hassles of international travel over past 5 years, I have to admit, it’s a pretty easy get.

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China Post #4

Rock, Clay and Wood

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China Post #2

2 Campaign Briefs – Over 3,000 Entries

This year’s entrants in The One Club China student and young professional workshops were given a choice between 2 assignments, one for Mastercard, based on the successful “Priceless” campaign and one for a pro-bono campaign that promotes hybrid technology.

This year's entries were up from last year and came in from advertising and design programs in 33 of China’s provinces. This year, as well as last, we included a category for young professionals in both disciplines.

By Joe Duffy Dec 1, 2006

Creating a Branded Experience: The Bahamas

The primary identity for The Islands Of The Bahamas presents a vibrant expression that reflects the multiplicity of destinations and personalities.

2006 One Show China Student Workshop – Post #1

This is the sixth year I’ve been involved in the China workshops. Each year we invite advertising and design students from throughout China to create work from a defined brief. The top students, based on online judging of their work, are then invited to participate in the workshops.

By Joe Duffy Nov 30, 2006

Multiplying Your Return on Investment Begins with Branding From the Inside Out

Three words—return on investment. Simple enough to understand. Isn’t it the equivalent of the amount of sales required to recuperate the cost to successfully market a product or service? It’s time to think again. Today marketers need to consider these four steps in building your brand to deliver ROI in a changed world of marketing.

Running in the Footsteps of Legends

The 2007 Inaugural Eugene Marathon will be a race to remember. This fast, flat, scenic course will keep runners interested and motivated from start to finish.

By Alan Leusink Nov 27, 2006

Myndology news.

Featured in the Pioneer Press as well as, Myndology's new designs are turning heads.

Myndology introduces new color infused product designs.

From notebooks to flashcards, index cards to journals, the Myndology identity encompasses products that are designed to inspire a sense of good thinking, creativity and organization.

Branding a Charitable Event: EDS Byron Nelson Championship

EDS turned to Duffy & Partners to create an identity and unique branded applications to reflect the humility and integrity of this once-in-a-lifetime partnership with Byron Nelson. It was an opportunity for us to pay tribute and keep alive the legacy of golf’s greatest hero.

Sony Gallery in Shanghai, China

We helped introduce Sony to China by creating a branded experience in the form of an interactive gallery. The environment educates and inspires Chinese consumers to learn more about Sony and its technologies, thereby creating desire for their products.

By Joe Duffy Nov 22, 2006 Comments (1)

Creating a Branded Experience: The Bahamas

The primary identity for The Islands of The Bahamas presents a vibrant expression that reflects the multiplicity of destinations and personalities.